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Technical Specification


With its slender spire piercing the sky, Hi-Tech Avenue will make an indelible impression on the Surat skyline & the minds of those who experience it.

Rising 12-storeis above Surat, this dramatic landmark will be instantly recognizable throughout the city.

Envisioned by the renowned architects, the project was designed such that you can imagine your individuality and visualize & feel you space at Hi-Tech Avenue. Whether it's a space in the physical sense or its emotional embodiment that you seek, you will find generous amounts of both in Hi-Tech Avenue.

To start with, the living room & dinning room are shaped to create a feeling of openness and ensure that valuable square feet are not wasted. Internal walls have been placed such that passageways are reduced, thus creating more usable space in the same floor area.

What's more these apartments are open from nearly all sides and featured cross openings, resulting in improved air circulation.

Rest assured that in Hi-Tech Avenue you will get all the space you desire.

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